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Lake Region Urgent Care is an urgent care clinic in Hawley, PA  designed especially for ill or injured children and adults. We offer care for patients who cannot be seen by their primary care physician or who have minor emergencies such as lacerations, fractures, or sprains.

How many times have you or  your child had a fever, an ear infection, or an asthma attack after your doctor’s office has closed? That’s why we are here! No one wants to sit waiting in  an emergency department for hours. The chaotic activity of a trauma is scary for you and your family and sitting in a waiting room full of sick patients may expose you or your child to other illnesses.

Our goal at Lake Region Urgent Care is to keep you and your children out of the emergency department by providing expert care in a family-friendly environment. We will even fax a copy of your visit to your regular doctor to insure that appropriate follow-up care is attained.  This is what we consider to be Healthcare at the speed of life!

We are located at 103 Spruce St., Hawley PA 18428 across the street from the Settlers Inn.  To find us using GPS coordinates 41.481824, - 75.1824
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